Live streaming platform Chingari intrudes in Web3 Gaming with Chingari Game Zone

Live streaming platform Chingari intrudes in Web3 Gaming with Chingari Game Zone

Short video and live streaming platform Chingari has recently launched gaming zone which marks his significant entrance in the gaming industry. Chingari Game Zone is built with the Aptos blockchain which will foster its its expertise in social media, entertainment and blockchain tech to create engaging and interactive gaming experiences for the users.

The startup claimed that, the gaming zone will offer a curated selection of popular and engaging mobile games. Primarily, it will offer Ludo, in the voice communication-based web3 game format.

Through these games the company will provide them Gari tokens which the users can use in Chingari Game Zone. In the next step they are planning to launch more games to expand its Web3 gaming portfolio and cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

The co-founder and CEO of Chingari, Sumit Ghosh opined, “Our goal is to create a seamless and engaging gaming experience that utilises the benefits of blockchain technology. We believe that Web3 has the potential to revolutionise the gaming industry and provide a new level of excitement and competition for gamers worldwide.”

According to him, the startup’s expertise in social media and entertainment and experience in blockchain technology positions it well to make a significant impact in the gaming industry.

The Company Chingari was founded in 2018, by Sumit Ghosh, Aditya Kothari, Biswatma Nayak and Deepak Salvi. Chingari is an on chain social app which enables assists its users  to upload videos, interact with friends, and share and browse content.

Followed by a round of layoff Chingari witnessed their net loss declined by 69.5% from 42.5cr in 2023 to 139.4 Cr in the current fiscal