IUVP Invests in Simplilearn.com

Bangalore: The Bangalore based Startup Company; Simplilearn.com has attracted funding from Indo US Venture Partners (IUVP). The accurate funding amount is yet to be revealed but as a part of the deal, Rajesh Raju, Managing Director of IUVP will be joining Simplilearn.com as a board member.

Simplilearn.com offers about 50 professional certification courses and with the current IUVP funding, it has intended to expand their services up to 100 courses by the end of fiscal year 2012-13.

IUVP has the credit of working closely with their partnering companies in order to help them grow. Other startups to receive funding from IUVP include Myntra.com, Apalya, Attero etc.

In accordance with the increased number of courses, Simplilearn.com has also visualized to escalate the human resource required in discrete organizational levels. Simplilearn.com has spread-out globally by possessing study centers over 135 countries and has coached around 35,000 postulants.

As reported by Pressbox, Krishna Kumar, CEO & Founder, Simplilearn.com said “We have created a certification-education platform and business model that is capable of delivering high quality education for professional certification courses on a cost effective and highly scalable virtual delivery model that is a unique blend of online and offline channels. Although we are growing profitably, we have opted for the IUVP funding primarily because of their reputation of helping the entrepreneurs build a strong scalable company. We believe our partnership with IUVP will help us achieve our mission to become the largest online destination for professional certification courses accepted globally”.

According to Pressbox, Rajesh said, “As we looked at a number of education business models over the last many years, the challenge has been in finding an effective education delivery model that can scale. We believe Simplilearn.com provides a unique combination of a proven and effective classroom training model and a highly scalable online education delivery model. In addition, the company’s sales, marketing and support activities are done purely online making it a highly economical and scalable model.” He further added, “We are excited to be partnering with a successful serial entrepreneur who has achieved significant traction in a relatively short period”.