Humsafar to expand doorstep diesel services to 200 cities

Humsafar to expand doorstep diesel services to 200 cities
Doorstep diesel services startup Humsafar India on Thursday said it plans to expand its services to 200 more cities in the country during this fiscal year in a bid to capture a higher market share in the segment. 
The company also said it is looking to venture into the e-mobile vehicle charging stations business and is negotiating with some companies. 
The firm offers services in about 100 cities across India. The company, in a release, said it has worked out a strategy to penetrate the market further besides looking at opportunities in the overseas markets. 
The doorstep fuel delivery model has grown rapidly across the country and scaled up even faster in the post-COVID era, owing to factors such as global supply chain issues and economics of fuel trade, structural constraints of the existing distribution model, changing buying behaviour of consumers, and technological disruption, said Sanya Goel, cofounder, Humsafar India. 
"Currently we have 20% of the market share for diesel at doorstep service and we plan to capture 30% share during the current financial year," she added. 
Bringing diesel on wheels through mobile petrol pumps has been one of the company's major accomplishments, she said, adding, "we want to reach each and every corner of India and revolutionise the distribution of all kinds of energy in future." 
She also said the company's newly launched product 'Safar', a 20-litre tamperproof metallic jerry can, has received an overwhelming response in a short period, selling more than 30,000 containers in the previous fiscal. 
"We have worked out a strategy to penetrate the market further and expect to double the numbers during the current year and also look forward to exporting it," she said. 
Moreover, Humsafar's smart static diesel storage launched late last year has found acceptance in the market and the company expects to do brisk business targeting segmented customers during the current fiscal year, she added. 
"Considering the energy transformation happening all around the globe including India, Humafar is planning to enter the green energy market synergizing our core business. We are eager to launch e-Humsafar Mobile Petrol Pumps (e-HMPP) to help our customers, Besides, we are planning to enter the e-vehicle charging station business and talks are on with renowned companies in this field." Said Nishit Goel, cofounder of Humsafar India.