How the Indian Startups and Investors Dealt in 2012?

Bangalore: 2012 has been an interesting year for startups and entrepreneurs in India, with the ecosystem witnessing a lot of growth, funding and acquisitions. India is still nowhere close to the Silicon Valley but the excitement about Indian startups is picking up globally with many Startup Accelerators, VC Firms and Angel Groups set up. Also Startup Village came as a blessing for Indian Mobile Startups. It has aptly earned the name “Silicon Coast”. There have been numerous success stories of companies reaching highest levels starting up from scratch. The year undoubtedly belonged to Indian tech players, with many joining the battle and some dropping out. But other sectors have seen a lot of action as well and in this Funding Infographic of venture capital and angel investment activity in 2012, we attempt to provide an infographic of the major deals in the startup space this year which is an indicator of the growing.