FIITJEE Mumbai's Jovita Munish Bhasin tops Maharashtra among Girls with AIR 177; Pakshal Nagda from Thane tops among Boys with AIR 132

FIITJEE Mumbai's Jovita Munish Bhasin tops Maharashtra among Girls with AIR 177; Pakshal Nagda from Thane tops among Boys with AIR 132
Jovita Munish Bhasin from FIITJEE Mumbai has achieved 1st Rank in the JEE Advanced Examination in Maharashtra State, securing an impressive score of 285 out of 360 and an All India Rank 177 (AIR 177).
Jovita Munish Bhasin has been a student at FIITJEE for the past three years. She has set her sights on pursuing Computer Science at IIT Bombay, with aspirations of becoming a software engineer in the field. As the elder sister to her brother, Jovita draws strength and support from her parents—a Mechanical Engineer and a Homemaker.
The All India Rank (AIR) 132 is also claimed by FIITJEE, with Pakshal Nagda from FIITJEE Mumbai securing this prestigious rank, making him the Thane City Topper among boys. Pakshal's interests lie in Music, Astronomy, Drawing, Math, and Sanskrit. Pakshal also plans to pursue Computer Science from IIT Bombay. He overcame his challenges by regularly discussing doubts with his mentors at FIITJEE.
Reflecting on the past two years and the factors contributing to the success, Miss Jovita Munish Bhasin, a child of a Mechanical Engineer, expressed, “My approach to exam preparation revolved around balance and flexibility. In today's digital era, social media and other entertainment mediums can be significant distractions. Hence, I devised a flexible study schedule to manage my time effectively without feeling overwhelmed. Instead of merely cramming information, I focused on understanding the topics in detail. I incorporated regular breaks into my study sessions to maintain concentration, dedicating 1 hour to focused study followed by a 5-minute break.”
“I adhered strictly to the Read, Review, and Repeat method. I diligently took feedback from my teachers and mentors at FIITJEE and consistently tried to improve. I firmly believe that one should address their doubts immediately. Allowing doubts to linger can erode confidence over time. Over the past two months before the exams, I devoted all my time to self-study, ensuring I spent 10 to 12 hours each day on academic pursuits and meticulously dividing my time among various subjects. However, what truly contributed to my success was maintaining a positive mindset and staying motivated through meditation,” she added.
Pakshal Narendra Nagda, the Topper from Thane City among boys, expressed, “This has been a pleasant experience. Though I aimed for a rank below 100, I'm still delighted with my achievements.  Initially, I didn't adhere to a structured timetable for two years, studying whenever I felt inclined to. However, in the last two months, I established a proper schedule. I allocated adequate time to each subject, paying particular attention to the factual aspects of chemistry, and the results have been quite satisfactory. While we all know the importance of discipline, speed, and accuracy, one valuable lesson I’ve learnt is respectful attitude towards teachers, as mere respect can yield remarkable outcomes. While my interaction with our Director at FIITJEE, Mr. Mohit Sardana was limited, his teaching style provided insight into the future and avenues for improvement.”
Mohit Sardana, Director, FIITJEE said, "In an era where competition escalates annually, students encounter increasing pressure to fulfill parental aspirations and personal ambitions. At FIITJEE, we embrace the pursuit of excellence, champion the power of process, and foster a passion for surpassing established benchmarks. This year, we have redefined our approach to education by introducing personalized training regimens tailored to each student's unique strengths and challenges. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our interactive sessions, test analysis provide dynamic learning experiences, fostering deeper engagement and understanding. Moreover, we have placed a renewed emphasis on nurturing both the knowledge quotients and mental well-being of our students, recognizing the integral role it plays in their overall development."
"We take immense pride in the achievements of our students, which reflect our dedication to revolutionizing learning methodologies and shaping future leaders. We're delighted that year by year, millions of students place their trust in us, and we're glad to meet their expectations. Together with our students, their parents, and mentors, we stride forward, shaping brighter futures and fostering a culture of continuous growth,” an elated Mohit Sardana added.
Established in 1992, FIITJEE is renowned as one of the leading coaching institutions for competitive exams. Originating as a humble platform for IIT-JEE, it aimed to offer an optimal starting point for dedicated JEE aspirants. Over its exhilarating journey of three decades, FIITJEE students have consistently outshone others in the JEE and carved a niche for themselves as toppers. The ongoing success of FIITJEE students on the national stage underscores the excellence of the faculty and coaching methodologies at one of India's most reputable institutes.
Source: Press Release