D'labs Introduces Data Science Course in Partnership With B.S. Abdur Rahman

The biggest challenge of modern times is to analyze the massive sets of data generated on regular basis and to apply it for business strategy and decisions. This is where data science plays a big role. Glassdoor regarded jobs in Data Science to be one of the best jobs in 2018 for the third year in a row. Given these facts, there is a need to create a ready pool of talent of Data Scientists. The growing demand for data science professionals across industries, big and small, is being challenged by a shortage of qualified candidates. By 2020, globally there would be a demand for 2.7mn data scientists and India is tipped to become one of the top three markets by then. d'labs, an initiative of Pathfinder Global, aims to bridge the gap between the demand and supply, by offering 'applied data science' courses to students and as part of their regular curriculum to enable them to be industry-ready. The organization has created a four level credit based program in association with B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology.

The program was announced on 27th May 2019 with the signing of the MOU between d'labs and B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology. This course has four levels and covers all aspects of Data Science. The uniqueness of this program is that it would enable students from various disciplines to equip themselves with industry relevant training and offer them an opportunity to implement these learnings.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Sadique Ahmed, CEO and Founder, Pathfinder Global (parent company of d'labs) said, "With the impending boom in Data Science, through this program, we want to give an opportunity to students and young professionals to be prepared for it. The uniqueness of this program lies in creating a ready pool of talent to deploy immediately to meet business needs. We intend to take our partnership with the institute further in the coming years with the introduction of many such programs."

Dr.  A. Azad, Registrar of B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology said, "Our institute has been renowned for offering the best students to the industry for decades. With this partnership, we want to ensure that we offer programs that meet the need of the industry and also offer employment opportunities for our students. In d'labs we found the partner who knows the industry needs. We look forward to collaborating in the future too."