Chennai Based BrainNook Receives Seed Funding From Silicon Valley

Bangalore: BrainNook, a Chennai based startup which started off with its focus on India but now solely focuses on the US market has secured seed funding from Imagine K12. It is an education portal which focuses on subjects like Math and English grammar to make it easy for the students through interactive games, as reported by

Incorporated and founded by Abhijeet Vijayakar, BrainNook partnered education-focused social networking platforms like Edmodo to sell its products in US. This education portal has over 100 attractive games capable of engaging small children based on important concepts in the critical foundational subjects of Math and English Grammar.

Imagine K12 is a Silicon Valley incubator which focuses on education startups. It incubates startups from early stage to the point of it being a company investable by seed investors and traditional venture capitalists.  The startup would spend 3 months with the incubator in California, United States with a focus to get the business in the best shape for success.

The benefit of incubation program also includes a possible funding anywhere between $14,000 to $20,000; which is directly dependant on the size of the startup against 4-8% stake in the company. This educational web portal has a very interactive and attractive method of teaching through games which can probably be the reason for the company to attract quick seed funding.

Other educational portal which received such benefits were:

TapToLearn and Plivo received incubation invite from Y Combinator, for a three month programme with an average seed funding of $20,000 for which they will have to sell 2% to 10% stake.