Absurd Immigration Policy: Indian Entrepreneurs Prefer Home Over U.S.

Bangalore: Brain Drain was one of the most sensitive and talked about topic 5-6 years ago in Asian Countries particularly in India and China. A huge chunk of talented students aspired to go and serve the U.S. economy with their skills.

Time was when if you asked foreign students in U.S. whether they planned to stay back in the U.S., almost everybody would be affirmative. But today, staying in the U.S. means staying for a couple of years to add weight to their resume so that they can go back home with a higher market value.

If this had been the condition in the 1950s, then Steve Jobs would never have been born, considering that his father was an immigrant Syrian student. So who or what should be blamed for these changed circumstances where students from all over the world come to study in the U.S. and go back home?

The answer you are looking for is reflected in a statement made by Vivek Wadhwa, an immigrant Indian entrepreneur, as reported by Inc.com. He warned, “The U.S. is giving an unintentional gift to China and India by causing highly educated and skilled workers, frustrated by long waits for visas, to return home.” This is the dumbest thing America can do, believes New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg.

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