A Seven-day exchange programme between MPS & Evrika Lyceum concludes with strengthening ties in Baku

A Seven-day exchange programme between MPS & Evrika Lyceum concludes with strengthening ties in Baku
Modern Public School (MPS) Shalimar Bagh, Delhi ( India )lauds Evrika Lycei , a top school in Baku (Azerbaijan) on their act of hospitality and respect towards the MPS team during the seven-day academic and cultural exchange programme, under the avid leadership of Dr. Alka Kapur, Principal of MPS. Marking a monumental transition it was the first ever Indo-Azerbaijan educational exchange programme in the history of Republic of Azerbaijan.
The programme was a pioneering event wherein the Principals, faculty, and students from both the schools had privilege to range over each other’s traditions, festivals and teaching practices. While the Azerbaijani teachers were amazed to learn about India’s unity in diversity, their Indian counterparts were fascinated by Azerbaijan's unique culture, which is a colourful fusion of Islamic, European, and Soviet traditions.
Furthermore, during the academic exchange programme, the faculties from both institutions engaged in in-depth discussions on various pedagogical approaches to education, including interdisciplinary teaching methods. The programme continued to be fruitful as teachers from both schools shared the best teaching practices. Also, the principals of the schools, Dr. Alka Kapur, Modern Public School and Ms Ofeliya Muradova, Evrika Lycei , had discussions over the similarities & differences in the autonomy provided to private schools by the respective governments.
The visits to elegant and historic sites in cities like Gabala and Sheki were windows to study their well-thought-out urban plans and timeless architecture. During this visit, Azerbaijani hosts explained various beautiful facets of their civilisation, where education and social values play a pivotal role. These experiences will further strengthen the bond between the two groups, paving the way for lasting friendships and future collaborations.
Upon the exceptional hospitality of the Evrika Lycei School, Dr. Alka Kapur said, “It was an enriching experience to be a part of this cultural and academic exchange. We got an opportunity to showcase our educational values and look into their cultures and traditions, establishing a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other. Also, the academic exchange had numerous advantages such as advanced approaches to teaching, problem-solving, cross-cultural communication and others. I am grateful to the team of Evrika Lycei School for their kind-heartedness and gracious hospitality during our stay in Azerbaijan.”
On the culmination of the exchange programme, the Department of Performing Arts of the Evrika Lycei School organised a cultural event where the Indian delegation interacted with the student performers and their parents. Later, both countries felicitated each other with tokens of regard symbolising the spirit of cultural exchange, which was further followed by the national anthem of both countries; strengthening the ties between the two schools.
Team MPS also had the opportunity to visit the INTERNATIONAL MONTESSORI CENTRE under the same management of Evrika Lycei . This newly inaugurated school is run on the ideologies of Maria Montessori and is headed by a very passionate Director Mrs. Elnara. The school has an incredible infrastructure and visiting this institution was an exceptional experience.  The entire Programe was conceptualized by Dr. Alka kapur  & Dr. Nurana  Huseynova,  Head of the pedagogical  department of Evrika Lycei School.
Source: Press Release