World's Oldest Corporations Which Have Run For Centuries Now

Bangalore: Corporate longevity is not always a reason for its success and recognition. But some of these massive or midscale companies are being run till date without any glitch or hitch and still find themselves in the elite list of the best.

A handful of these longest running companies have weeded under various reasons like business pressures, phasing out of service, products no more appealing to the changing lifestyle. Yet, some dynasties just existed long enough and withstood the test of time and survived for centuries and still show no signs of closure or breakdown. So below are listed five companies which have run from the times of 12th century or even earlier where their founders wouldn’t have even predicted their survival till date.

Consolidated Edison

Operational Since: 1823

How Old: 189 Years Old

What it Does: Provides electric service in New York City (except for a small area of Queens), and most of Westchester County.

Famously known as Con-Edison or Con-Ed to New Yorkers is still under operation and continues to provide electricity to over three million customers in New York City and Westchester County, and more than a million reap the benefits of its gas produce.

Started way back in 1823, Con-Ed has the dubious distinction of being the longest listed stock on the New York Stock Exchange under the name of New York Gas Light. It being Con-Ed’s earliest corporate entity, replaced the whale oil lamps with natural gas lines back in 1760’s in lower Manhattan after receiving a state charter. New York Gas Light company was re-coined with the name Consolidated Edison in 1936 after the firm expanded into electricity in the early 20th century.