Why India has failed to Produce Great Tech Entrepreneurs?
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Why India has failed to Produce Great Tech Entrepreneurs?

By SiliconIndia   |    5 Comments
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Bangalore: Nobody can deny the brilliance and expertise of Indian entrepreneurs. We have many great Indian entrepreneurs and businessmen spread all around the world showcasing their brilliance in the form excellent business strategies and great revenues for the companies they work for. But when it comes to the nation itself, we have failed to produce great tech entrepreneurs like Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter. Though we have numbers, they are just a few. There are few things that pull back an Indian entrepreneur from conquering great heights, read further to understand those hindrances that block an Indian entrepreneurial growth, as discussed in Quora.

Education system in India

In the US, education systems are more liberal as compared to that in India. If a student shows great interest in programming and if he ignores other subjects like commerce, arts and science; this student is given all freedom and motivation to continue his passion as they see a bright future, assuming his talent can make wonders.



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Reader's comments(5)
1: The current generation that is young Indians below the age group of 33 is really un employable. What to talk about an application they do not even know how to write a proper official 'resignation'.Especially the North of Indians the younger group are good at Dramatics & Plagrism. There is no origanility of work cut, copy paste is prime among these young groups for even attaining a PHD degree . The G.K & IQ levels are V.V. Low yes off shoots brilliance of 1 in a Billion can be there but generally speaking these guys are Blank & vision less. Be it the IITs or the IIMs Balme the faculty & the education system.
the current younger generations have the corrupt as their ROLE models. Even a 'duffer' gets admission thru quota system, or capitation fee. Hence talent is just the right one keep Hunting. And good talent is never available.
Posted by:Nair - 05 Sep, 2012
2: Don ever say abt the education system or the politicians. If USA is ahead means its all cos' of the Indians who had their education here and working for Top giants like NASA / Microsoft / HP / Dell.

Where did they get the education from? Its all from the same system which u ppl r criticising. Can USA survive without the Indians there? Never they cant. So pls stop blaming abt the education system which prevails here....
Posted by:Suresh - 30 Aug, 2012
3: Educational system is bad and is becoming worse and it is the most lucrative business of the politicians. The standard of education is so low and the Govt for the sake of the votebank wishes to crush the intelligent and genious brains by denying recognition on merit showing the caste systems and enterpreneurs do not like to utilise the talents of his team except with their kinsand relations
Posted by:baloo - 30 Aug, 2012
4: Wow... very true!!! Indian education system is very bad.. It doesn't encourage ppl to study more.
Posted by:Indira - 30 Aug, 2012
Dear all,
Present education system is not indian education system is.
It is by British people.
Indian education system is Gurukula system. I hope you know what is Gurukula system is..
ajay Replied to: Indira - 31 Aug, 2012