What Indian Entrepreneurs Need To Improve On?
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What Indian Entrepreneurs Need To Improve On?

By SiliconIndia   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: Entrepreneurs are believers in hard work, Oh’ at least sometimes, with few proper un-inherited business men. They often strive towards perfection digging areas that they don’t even possess any knowledge in. It’s bad to expect a lot, an entrepreneur cannot be a ‘Master’ knowing everything around him - every subject, every product and every section. It is injustice! As they are normal men performing normal actions with an extra ordinary thought. It is much more obvious for them to want and need certain things for the well being of the business and the society.
Here are few wants of entrepreneurs that would let them remain with little ease, as stated by the business world.

In a country like India, it is often easy to find an entrepreneur working his heart and soul out to be successful in his venture. It is sometimes with the help of incubators and capitalists that these men voice out their ideas. But it needn’t be right because startup helpers generally connect the business of an entrepreneur in different ways ignoring the best option. Some incubators and platforms connect entrepreneurs to VC’s; some connect entrepreneurs to likeminded entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to mentors or entrepreneurs to the community.

Though ‘entrepreneur to VC’ connection may look important, it can be pushed down the list as what an entrepreneur ‘wants’ is a team with immense capacity. An Indian entrepreneur would want proper mentoring and guidance before any venture because he faces great competition from around the world. There have been instances when a startup drove back home due to lack of guidance and improper mentoring.

Most of the platforms and conferences covered around India shows that ‘guidance and mentoring’ is the most important as monetary factors play an effortless role. Today, Capitalists are easy to find and it is easier to obtain funding if an entrepreneur has a valid idea. A VC cannot demand him to be perfect in the initial few days at least his business is accepted by the people. VC’s have immense knowledge about the market and its performance and decision making must be partially taken over from entrepreneurs to avoid business stress and increase productivity.

Indian VC’s and investors must dedicate themselves partially into decision making along with entrepreneurs to help the business grow simultaneously improving their decision making and competitive skills. Today, most of the Indian entrepreneurs find ‘decision making’ a great challenge and they require strong mentoring and guidance.

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Reader's comments(1)
1: I know so many friends of mine who started businesses but they had to stop since they did not get any guidance from knowledgeable people except for money... Not everybody looks for money... sometimes its INTEREST
Posted by:rashid - 28 Jun, 2012