Top 10 E-Commerce Startups In India


Bangalore: Today, India has high E-commerce standards there are various websites promising offers and discounts to its customers. Equity raisings has also increased in the mergers and acquisitions sector making investors and shareholders prefer holdings of such companies as they reap more returns in the short and long run.

As per the recent analysis it is seen that the demand has drastically increased and so are these online retailers trying their best to support the supply. Not all such sites are from India, but the ones which hail from India are being perfect and are trying to penetrate to the foreign markets making our country proud and popular. Few really famous e-commerce stores are:

Flipkart is known to be the Amazon of India, its size and the popularity bought it with this name and definitely they deserve the name. Quality in products and services, jaw dropping discounts on books, music, home appliances, beauty and health products has made this on line retail store famous and make huge turnovers.  They emphasize on customer satisfaction and set a high delivery standard which automatically sets a milestone for all new amateurs.