Surgerica, India's First Health Care Service Delivery System

According to Bhagat, the sites primary target is consumers who are looking to consult doctors online and looking for treatment. Patient’s queries are regularly followed and the site also provides information on hospitals in Singapore and Thailand. Content is shared through social networking sites to reach customers and it also has plans to soon launch a mobile app. The startup currently has over 350 medical facilities and intends to add 15 centers every consecutive week.

Bhagat also outlined some key features provided by Surgerica: 

Treatment Connect: Surgerica enables find procedures and an estimate of the treatment so that patients could plan their finance.

 E-Connect: Surgerica helps doctors connect with consumers and share details.

Video-Connect: Video consultation service helps increase patient trust and clear doubt through video chat and recorded clips.

Inbuilt Knowledge Bank: Sugerica intends to provide services to check and compare the medical costs from the database. 

Surgerica also intends to help immigration authority’s track and monitor international medical tourists, by creating software which would allow them to access records.