Startup Building Self Learning Computers Gets Backed By Silicon Valley Big Shots

Startup Building Self Learning Computers Gets Backed By Silicon Valley Big Shots

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BANGALORE: Imagine a machine that ‘thinks and learns like a human’. Well, that is what Vicarious, an artificial intelligence startup is trying to do. However the budding venture is also hogged the limelight for tech big shots like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk has made an investment of $40 million into the firm. Vicarious is deploying the technology required to convert human neocortex to computer code to mimic the way human brain sees, controls the body, understands language and does math, reports Wall Street Journal.

The interest shown by the tech majors is thought to give a new dimension to the Elon Musk founded Tesla and Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook. The social media giant has already deployed artificial intelligence in the face recognition technology implemented in their website which automatically identifies users in photographs. Other investors who have pumped in money into the venture include Ashton Kutcher actor and tech investor, Peter Thiel, a PayPal billionaire, and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz.

“Vicarious is developing machine learning software based on the computational principles of the human brain. Our first technology is a visual perception system that interprets the contents of photographs and videos in a manner similar to humans.
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