Siliconindia Launches Entrepreneur Handbook

Siliconindia Launches Entrepreneur Handbook

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Bangalore: Daunting as it may seem though, entrepreneurship is essential for any economy. Small ventures and entrepreneurs play a significant role in bringing to the market new ideas, services and offerings that many large organizations are either unwilling or feel too risky to pursue. In addition to this, there is of course the significant role that entrepreneurs and their ventures play in job creation, and in a developing economy like India, this becomes even more pertinent, as it generates employment at various levels.

A data from the Kauffman Foundation states that without the jobs the startups create, yearly employment growth would be negative. Micro firms with one to four employees are significant, accounting for an average of 20 percent of new jobs each year.

In U.S., startups accounted for three percent of total employment from 1980-2005, and since then has risen considerably drastic. The study found that while startups do tend to decline slightly during downturns, they remained fairly robust in even the most severe of the sample period's recessions. In fact, the recent downturn saw the startups holding and supporting the ecosystem.

Entrepreneurship in India has seen a sharp rise in the past decade, with many startups making a mark globally and going ahead to achieve a successful IPO as well. But at the same time, there remains much to be desired for to replicate success of the Silicon Valley in India.

But what ever the challenges be, there is nothing stopping a new breed of entrepreneurs who are not only turning the challenges into opportunities but also giving the large corporations a run for their every dime.

Siliconindia Entrepreneur’s Handbook 2012 is one such stride towards recognizing the hot startups and companies in the Indian IT industry and bringing them to limelight. The handbook features about 100 Indian founded startups in both U.S. and India who have slowly but steadily begun to create a niche for themselves across sectors like Software, Services, Mobile, Networking & Security, Internet, Semiconductor, ICT and more. Also featured in the handbook are some already established and successful startups who have paved the way for entrepreneurship in both U.S. and India. The book takes you through the journey of these startups and provides detailed insights into their businesses, solutions/product offerings, challenges, opportunities, vision and more.

It is ideal for CEOs/CIOs who can look to forge new vendors/partners with these startups and explore the latest innovative solutions being brought in to the market.

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