Kinetic Green EV Battery Swap in collaboration with BPCL

The week began with a positive note for electric vehicle maker Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Ltd as they have signed up an agreement with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd for the purpose of offering fully charged batteries on swappable basis for its battery operated vehicles through the latter's petrol bunks.

In a statement, Kinetic Green expounded about a two minute battery swap that will be deployed by the two companies for three wheelers with the support of Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IITM). The solution has already been implemented on a fleet of Kinetic Green E3W at Kochi and Lucknow. The partners are now intending to expand the alliance to cover many more cities across the country over next few months.

The model is designed taking into consideration the critical concerns and deterrents faced by the drivers for owning and operating electric three-wheelers. Moreover, this separation of battery from the EV, initial EV cost is halved and brought below price of ICE counterparts.

The alliance facilitates a convenient battery network as BPCL can leverage its existing 12,000 gas stations to erect the battery swapping stations, making it very convenient for passengers to access them.

Referring to the occasion, Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Founder and CEO commented “Kinetic Green is extremely happy to partner with BPCL to bring this ground-breaking innovative solution for its customers of EV with Swappable Battery Technology.”

This innovative solution is given shape by Kinetic Green and BPCL in association with IITM.