Jan To May : Rs 1315 Crore Injected Into 64 New Indian Startups

Bangalore:  Riding high on investments, Indian startups have seen a surge in funding despite the world wrestling with gloomier economies.  64 new Indian startups, taking baby steps in fields ranging from technology to travel, healthcare to marketing have been successful in raising funds close to Rs 1315 crore starting from January to May reports a research from Venture Intelligence.

Entrepreneurs across India have been hardly dejected by the downturn in economies or slow responses from across the globe and continue to come up with newer ideas, easier access through phone applications and better travel opportunities. Started with either a shoe string investment or a meager personal funding, Indian startups for sure have burst the bubble of-- time, market and money matters.

Startups have also played their cards right by using the medium of technology to reach out to the consumers."Technology has created a level playing field; it has democratized entrepreneurship and reduced the cost of starting up," said Bharati Jacob, co-founder of early-stage venture firm Seedfund to Economic Times.

Startups such as as Savaari, Redbus, Innoz which saw some of the major funding have made the heads turn with their ideas to access healthcare, travel, financial services and education made easier via technology.