Ioola Technologies and Foofys Wins The Best Startup Awards

Ioola Technologies and Foofys Wins The Best Startup Awards

Bangalore: One of SiliconIndia’s most coveted events, the Mobile Applications Conference 2012 saw some enthralling performance by many startups. Ioola Technologies, a solution provider to business entities and Foofys, an app developer for improving business relations, won the title of best startups at the event. Vijay Karthik Udayakumar, CEO and Managing Director of Ioola Technologies and Akshay Kingar, Founder of Foofys received the awards in the presence of a well - captivated audience at the Nimhans Conventional Center, Bangalore.

The jury chair comprised of eminent and experienced venture capitalists including Rutvik Doshi, Pradeep Srinivas, Ranjith Menon, Anurakt Jain, Ramesh Radhakrishnan and Anand Daniel, along with Sunil Rao, Country Head- Outreach Programs, Google India. The judging was primarily based on various tough criteria such as company overview, marketing opportunities, the team, solution value proposition, competitive positioning, growth plans, current status and investment opportunity.

The race to the coveted throne was clearly not an easy one. The grid was filled with some real passionate startups like Ignis, Purplechai Technologies, AlignMinds, Buffered Software Solutions, SourceN, Loremo and TechSanskar along with 30 others.

“I am overwhelmed with joy. For me the award at such an auspicious event like this is enormous,” said Vijay Karthik Udayakumar, CEO of Ioola Technologies. “With the award comes higher responsibility and I am so happy to be a part of that responsibility.”

Foofys, which won the title along with Ioola, was founded by Akshay Kingar, a young and energetic entrepreneur. Foofys displayed its potential to become one of the best apps which provide “relevant and core” information to the users.  Akshay, who started his first company in Singapore at the age of 21, believes the concept of bringing value to life through technology. “I am excited and happy about winning this title. It’s definitely going to boost the spirit of the team and in turn make the future products great,” said Akshay.