India's Most Prolific Startups and their Angel Investors

BANGALORE: India’s booming startup culture has attracted both marquee global venture capital firms and angel investors. In the last year, the number of angel investors in India almost tripled to nearly 300. But a select group of 10 people among them has backed some 425 startups over the last decade, reports Xeler8.

Here's a list of 10 startups that have support of at least 4 of the top angel investors in India. These are the companies that have attracted the most attention from India's prolific investors at an early stage.

1. Amigobulls, Palo Alto

This financial media company provides articles, analysis, and insights on stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. It is backed by investors like Sunil Kalra, Sharad Sharma, Sanjay Mehta, and Mohandas Pai. This firm provides video analysis on stocks, and also does algorithmic analysis to recommend the best tech stocks to buy.

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