Indian Startups Offer ERP Solutions To Manage Apartments

Bangalore:  Things are soon changing in India and nobody can deny the influence of the west in our daily chores. Startups in India are now focusing a lot on software and enterprise related issues which in turn has reached households.  A number of startups have found a new arena to learn, improve and develop – apartments and residential complexes, Yes! Few companies are building customized softwares for such residential blocks so as to manage accounts, conduct meetings, reporting problems, monitoring movements in parked vehicles and providing an online social platform within these buildings, reports ET.

Like any other entrepreneur there was something that triggered Sangeeta Banerjee to start ApartmentAdda, “there were numerous issues at my apartment that volunteers meeting on weekends could not address," says Banerjee, a software engineer by profession who quit her well paying job to kick start her startup baby.

Along with the help of her colleague, Venkat Kandaswamy, she managed to pool 15 lakhs to set up ApartmentAdda’s physical location in Bangalore, a startup which has more than 1.5 lakh users today. With this Banerjee also expects the startup to earn revenue of around 7 crore by the end of 2014.

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