Indian Startup To Transform Any Automobiles Into Electric Vehicles

Bangalore: The rising fuel price, depletion of fossil fuels and increasing Carbon Dioxide emission is posing a great threat to the ecosystem. The Indian startup, EVI (Electric Vehicle India) which manufactures vehicles powered by electricity has come up with a technology to convert any automobile to electric vehicles, reports TOI.

EVI claims that they can effectively reduce carbon emissions without impacting the performance and convenience of the traditional car. A world full of electric vehicles is considered as a paradise for the environmentalists.

EVI was founded by Priyank Dahanukar in 2007, who started developing kits to convert any vehicle into an electric vehicle. The founder and a friend started with a prototype for an electric vehicle from which they developed the converter technology. The kit can be fitted to convert existing combustion engine vehicles into electric vehicles. Priyank, says that all this became possible following the development of the Indian government's hybrid and electric vehicle policy.

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