Four Wheeler Manufactures Equips themselves to Drive EV Future

The Indian population is turning more eco-savvy is slowly moving towards and the EV domain. This concept is getting much clearer with the world's leading carmakers showcasing their latest electric vehicles (EVs) at the Auto Expo 2020, industry leaders have stressed on their own contribution towards building the EV ecosystem in the country as well as expanding their 'Make in India' strategy.

Saying that it has already set up 100 charging stations, Tata Motors has predicted that the charging infrastructure will come of age in the next couple of years.

"The government has already taken a lot of measures to boost the EV ecosystem in India. Before asking the government for something more, ecosystem players like us should start acting," Shailesh Chandra, President, Electric Mobility Business & Corporate Strategy, Tata Motors, told IANS.

"The government has subsidised EVs by up to 20 per cent. They have also allocated INR 1,000 crore for charging infra, brought down the GST rate to 5 per cent, while a number of state governments have also come up with different schemes," he added.

"We know the importance of the growing Indian market and the future of EVs. Therefore, we are looking forward to expanding our research and development centre in Bengaluru to make more user-friendly EVs for India and abroad," Hardeep Singh Brar, Director, Sales & Marketing, Great Wall Motors, told reporters.

"The Indian EV industry is on the cusp of a great innovation opportunity as both the government and the citizens understand the impact of an EV-based ecosystem, not only on businesses, but more importantly on the climate as well," said Nimish Trivedi, Co-founder and CEO of Prakriti E- Mobility Pvt Ltd.

"The growth of the EV industry is essential for a clean, green and sustainable future. We envisage a future where EVs will become the vehicle of choice for every Indian, amply supported by a holistic ecosystem," Trivedi said.

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