Flexiloan Partners with Truecaller to Smoothen User On-Boarding

Flexiloan  Partners with Truecaller to Smoothen User On-Boarding

The digital lending platform Flexiloan announces its partnership with Truecaller to ease the user registration process on their application. The move aids in Flexiloan’s endeavor to improve the users experience across all platforms, especially mobile, and Truecaller’s platform perfectly fits the cause. Commenting on the partnership, Abhishek Kothari, Co-founder, Flexiloans.com, said “Over the last 3 years, we have seen a dramatic shift in behavior and today, more than 80% of our borrowers use a mobile device to apply for a loan. Most of our efforts last year were concentrated on building AI capabilities to underwrite a loan without a single human touch, while making the process easier for a user. With a product like Truecaller SDK, Truecaller has helped us not only to improve our signup experience with a one click registration but also identity verification. Furthermore, this alternate identity verification via Truecaller enables us to further strengthen our credit underwriting models and thereby minimize risks in our business.

He further added “We have already completed our implementation on our Android app and we plan to extend it across other platforms very soon.”

Flexiloan  focuses on lending loan to the business owners who do not hold any credit history, and hence the source of alternate data gives them the opportunity to tap into the un-served segment. It banks on the solutions like UPI, eMandate, and eSign, besides their proprietary technology.

 “The developer community has always been a bright spot in our universe and by partnering with them in their growth journey, it’s a win-win to achieve new heights. The more touch points we can bring to our community, the more value we can add to their end user’s lives. By extending our developer toolkit toFlexiloans.com, we hope to create an efficient system to streamline their on boarding experience and thus in turn their user’s overall experience with the application.”Said Priyam Bose, Director & Global Head, Developer Platform& Relations, Truecaller