Entrepreneurship, Is It Risky?

Entrepreneurship, Is It Risky?

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Bangalore: Parents and caretakers flinch a bit if they have to let their children be entrepreneurs they consider it to be the riskiest of all business. The concept of entrepreneurship has a different film running in the heads of most parents, it has greedy monsters as competitors, the long path of entrepreneurial journey is filled with thorn and blood and success being the last and the farthest which is only achievable during the last minutes of a person’s life. How more wrong can all this be?

Well, it is necessary for every person to understand that having a cool job with great incentives is not the end of it, corporates though they offer various benefits, they can swiftly change their method of approach. It is just a printed piece of paper which they require to sack you up with a reluctant apology. Earning a pay check at the end of every month needn’t really mean that your job is the most secure of all. Companies and corporates take less than a minute make a statement like this ‘Thank you for your services and you may leave now’ without any hesitation.

Entrepreneurship is a complete deviation it is for heroes and not for cowards. Challenges are seen in every job but does that really stop parents from sending their kids to work? No, not at all! People live in a biased environment where a regular job is considered to be more safe and secure. They fail to understand that no achievements can be made with a little dirt stuck between your fingers. Building new companies is far better than working for another company; it totally becomes ‘not you’ and suppresses all your creativity.

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Reader's comments(1)
1: Really true... I completely agree with this writer!!!
Posted by:Roshini - 31 Jul, 2012