Entrepreneurs! Read These 8 Books Before Pitching To a VC

Bangalore: Proper research and preparation is the key to any successful venture. Whether you are getting prepped for an important exam or you are about to launch your brand new designer wear, preparation is a must. And if you are planning on setting up your own Startup then the best way to begin is by gaining maximum knowledge on the impact of the business, the risks involved in the new venture and the loopholes that lead to successful persuasion.

We present to you eight interesting books on startup ventures that will positively help startup founders to find a right pitch in their business at an early stage, bring in innovation and to better their salesmanship through confidence,a BI compilation.

#8 The Art of the Pitch

Author:  Peter Coughter

Penned by Peter Coughter, this book stresses on the importance of the powerful duo; persuasion and presentation skills that creates a solid base for a successful business. The book talks about setting up a good pitch that can sell itself. It also reveals a set of tools that gives  readers a clear view towards building a presentation in the most natural way.

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