Dalit Entrepreneurs, The Next Big Thing In Indian Eco System

Dalit Entrepreneurs, The Next Big Thing In Indian Eco System

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Bangalore: India has taken a huge leap with entrepreneurs tremendously on the rise. Even Ayn Rand, the founder of the philosophy called ‘objectivism’ wonders the same with dalits. She seems to have found a great deal of entrepreneurs in the Indian Newspapers who have become millionaires over the years.

The Dalit community consists of about 200 million people who have been suppressed over the years. They were even dictated to occupations like scavenging or leather work. Economists have also pointed out the loss of India’s productive growth due to a segment of the population being deprived of opportunities, reports business-standard. 

The government has also extended its support to felicitate entrepreneurs of dalit business segment. Milind Kamble, founder of Indian Chambers of Commerce industry and a head of a 101 crore construction empire was recently awarded the Padman Bhushan. Kalpana Saroj, head of Kamani Tubes was also awarded.

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Reader's comments(5)
1: It is good to read this story. Now I hope the successful ones will help the unfortunate ones to overcome the handicap and make a success of their lives.The economically well off ones should not turn their back on the weaker ones on social forum but must hand hold the less unfortunate.
Posted by:G S Gundu Rao - 22 Mar, 2013
2: What makes you think your parents/children/future generations/houses/properties are safe from sections of society whom you've abused for thousands of years?
"Two eyes for an eye begets justice" --Kanshiram
Posted by:Communal Award - 21 Mar, 2013
NOBODY was abused for 'thousands of years'. A victim mentality or 'the world owes me' attitude does not help anyone. Plenty of unsubstantiated, cruelly biased information was deliberately circulated as 'fact' by UK colonial rulers, missions. It still is utilized by today's Christian and Marxist sources for supporting their own divisive agendas. UK insisted on calling some groups 'criminal', etc. and made caste inflexible to suit their taxation. (They tried to divide the north from the south by insisting on the Christian M Mueller's theory of Aryan invasion: no proof or historical record exists. But it certainly served its purpose to create a division and to call Hindus as outsiders/invaders to justify their own invasion/conquest.)

Is there discrimination? Yes. Can it be solved? Yes. But biased information hardly helps anyone: well, it is still a free country!

We are so happy that the lives of some of our poor are improving. MOST of us rose from poor families due to luck, some subsidized education and our efforts.
bha Replied to: Communal Award - 21 Mar, 2013
I have not abused any one.Then why I have to be threatened like this? If they 200 million threat like this, then all other 800 million will be united and they will be vanished in India
neo equality Replied to: Communal Award - 21 Mar, 2013
It's not a threat; merely a promise.
Richard Replied to: neo equality - 23 Mar, 2014