Bike- Taxi Startup Bikxie is Setting Trend in Gurgaon

BANGALORE: In the recent times the app based taxi services and auto services have been a successful concept and the people are responding positively to it. But as per the new odd-even rules in Delhi the cab services are also in to trouble thus Divya Kalia and her husband Mohit Sharma has come up with their bike-taxi startup Bikxie, reports Indiatimes.

The Gurgaon based startup has already grabbed the attention of the customers with in the span of a few weeks. They started off with Bikxie blue, which has male drivers; these services were already succeeding in people to reach their destination sooner than the taxi services. But recently the company has come up with Bikxie-pink, which has female riders for female customers. These services were widely welcomed in the locality since it is more reliable on the safety basis.

The service charges 10 for first two kms and 5 extra for every km ahead; which is dirt cheap compared to other transport options in Gurgaon. Bikxie's app also comes with an SOS button to ensure safety of the passengers. The service runs between 8 AM and 6 PM and will take you to all corners of Gurgaon. The owners are looking forward to spread their wings to Delhi and Bangalore as soon as possible.

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