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Best Hadoop Startups For Unlocking Big Data Value

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Altiscale: This Company was started by Raymie Strata, previous CTO of Yahoo, as a platform to provide Hadoop as a service. The main priority of Altiscale’s service is to simplify or abstract the complexity of Hadoop. The engineers set up, run and manage Hadoop for their customers, thereby allowing the customers to focus on their data and applications.

Altisource change the services provide to fit the changing needs of their customers. They argue that they are "the only firm to actually provide a soup-to-nuts Hadoop deployment. Companies are forced to acquire, install, deploy, and manage a Hadoop implementation -- something that takes a lot of time."

DataTorrent: This Company is in argument that organizations will be thinking about the difference in time or the longetivity when it comes to big data mining solutions. As it has pointed out that data is happening now, streaming in from various sources in real time, all the time and because of which organizations will be struggling to process, analyze and act on this ever increasing, never-ending flow of information.

Hence DataTorrent stands out in dealing executing this large source of information within seconds.   This allows companies to process, analyze, monitor and make decisions based on their data in real time. This was started by Phu Hoang, a chief engineer in the Yahoo at the earliest stages of the company.

Continuuity: Founded by Jonathan Gray, Contnuuity looks at a different approach, where they get around the dearth of Hadoop experts and focus on application developer platform for Java Developers. They basically surface capabilities using simple Java and APIs thereby shielding end users from unnecessary complexity.

This platform provider was created by Jonathan Gray, who was previously employed at Facebook. They stand out from the rest because they target Java Developers, something different from the rest.

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