Best Hadoop Startups For Unlocking Big Data Value

Best Hadoop Startups For Unlocking Big Data Value

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BANGALORE: With the growth of technology comes the ever increase in data volume. In recent times the problem of large data and the analysis of these data has become a huge task. There is no proper technology or software to decode, analyze, manage and storage the data, though it is slowly progressing the process is very slow as humans don’t work as fast as computers. Hence in order to ease and make this process easy and quick companies are venturing in to this field to create software that tackles this problem. 

This field is where entrepreneurs are focusing due to the dire need to understand all volume of data collected in the cloud. This is the new face of startup ventures as we see it. Here are a number of Hadoop startups to look out and keep a tab on. Hadoop is an open-source software framework for storage and processing of large scale data sets. It is an Apache top-level project being built and used by communities globally by contributors and users.

The Alpine Data Labs:  A data processing lab that provides visual drag and drop approach allowing data analysts in large organizations to work with big data sets. They help them develop and refine models and collaborated scales without having to code. It is analyzed in a live environment.

Alpine Data Labs believe that most competing solutions are either desktop-based or point solutions that doen’t have collaborative capability. Apart from collaborating and searching, they also provide modeling and learning. Alpine believes in the no-data-movement camp, where they work with data that already sits, working with any database without ever moving the data. This company was founded by Joe Otto.

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