9 Futuristic Startup Ideas That Were Initially Shunned

9 Futuristic Startup Ideas That Were Initially Shunned

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BANGALORE: Venture capitalists have weathered the storm and have emerged far from the likes of standard enterprises.

In a time that once had closed doors to unorthodox business ideas, have long since propelled in such magnitude that are now taking up the new age viable businesses.

The acts of truism and channeling passion through business stream may perhaps have been sown at an unfavorable weather. In other words, the ideas aroused at a time long since passed, wasn’t a bad initiative for a business, but the timing was.

Here we look into  several good ideas that came forward, but were turned down simply because they were ahead of their time, reports Fortune.

Same-Day Delivery

Uber has upgraded the use of smartphones to a higher level. This device now serves the purpose of a remote control, wherein by just a press of a sameday button, customer can order pretty much anything that will show up on the same day. A number of startups that include Amazon and Google are now offering same-day delivery.

The same-day delivery formed the basis of the eminent Web 1.0 blow-ups Kozmo.com and Webvan.Kozmo.com that lost over scores of millions in the dotcom crash, while Webvan lost over a billion in the investment money (that failed since they didn’t make enough money on the service). In the present day, Kozmo.com’s co-founder has introduced the old idea with MaxDelivery.com. It has grown steadily since 2005 on its own profits, holding a small scale customer base of under 100,000 with a supporting staff of 130.

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