8 Indian Travel Startups Offering Best Holiday Experiences

What is essential for you after work, money, food, and shopping? The answer would be traveling for sure! In the hustle of life, when people forget families, friends, and sometimes themselves, it’s only traveling that brings everyone together. You might have heard the adage “Money can’t buy you happiness,” but yes it can definitely buy you some moments and memories forever through traveling.

As the preferences of people are changing with time, exploring destinations to the core has become a significant concern for travelers. That’s the reason Indian travel startups are becoming more innovative and changing the landscape of Indian tour industry. Tours to India is no more curbed up to pilgrimage and honeymoon places it has more to offer.

Besides the Golden Triangle Tour India, the Indian travel startups have exciting travel destinations in their bucket list. Here are some popular Indian travel startups that offer best holiday experiences!

BANGALORE: The only thing that seems important after work, money and shopping is probably traveling. Although money could buy you local debauchery or expensive commodities, however, these things tend to age with time. The best thing money can buy you is memories and the perfect way of buying it is through traveling.

Traveling has become synonymous to adventure, lately, owing to the radical shift in the industry where wander lusts have changed to learning experiences. Startups are riding this change in Indian travel and tourism. Travel and tourism in India is no more confined to pilgrimages, honeymoon destinations or traversing the common tracks as new startups are coming up with innovative and engaging ideas to attract travelers.

Considering that we have compiled a list of 10 most trending startups in the travel industry, reports Letsintern. Have a look.

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