8 Social Enterprises that Strive to Make India Better

Mentor Together: Mentoring the destitute

Mentor Together looks at providing committed caring and trusty worthy volunteers to destitute girls and youth from low-income families. In this programme, volunteer mentors take on a 1-year commitment to meet with their mentee 2-3 times a month and it also provides a feature to correspond with them online as well. Mentors and mentees are given a list of activities on English skills, Career, Life skills and Academic planning, which they utilize to structure their meetings. This initiative is supported by some big giants that include IBM, Starbucks and IIM-B. It boasts of having matched and mentored over 150 youths in the last three years.

How does it help?

Mentor Together strives towards a social cause. It helps two kinds of youth between the age group of 18 and 21. It helps girls who are orphans, destitute, abused or neglected, from single parent families or below poverty line families. It also helps youth from low income group who do not have any access to the latest technology, information and opportunities.