7 Fast Growing FinTech Startups of 2019

BENGALURU: Followed by the global economic meltdown the highly regulated, giant banks dominated financial industry has observed an entrepreneurial wave driven by growing advanced technology. The new version of this archaic industry, FinTech or Financial Technology majorly led by startups, has seen impeccable growth in past years with global investment of more than $12bn in 2017. Noticing this humongous growth, here is a list of seven most fast growing FinTech startups that can make a bigger splash in 2019, as compiled by Wayne Duggan for dealbreaker.com.


New York based Advizr offers a robust financial planning software to its customers. The company has introduced new age real-time world-class financial planning for clients of all sizes. Recently, this three years old company has developed a free lead generation tool that provides customer's prospects with a snapshot of retirement readiness.

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