5 Unique Indian Startups You Should Know About

Money Frog:

MoneyFrog is a financial advisory site, founded by Manoj Chahar and Mushtaq Kazi 2013, the financial capital Mumbai is the base of this firm. Both of them noticed that the good financial consultant was nowhere in the affordable range, so this is where an idea of providing the online financial consultancy at the resonable price, started. The founders stared a deep survey, based on the customer’s needs and came up with online site ‘MoneyFrog’ with financial tool kit and the customer care support. MoneyFrog has more than 200 registered customers today.


Smeam is an online platform for all kinds of artists to showcase their talent and to meet the needed customer; it also manages the events based on arts and music. Anand Kekre, a successful banking professional, quit the rat race and started living his passion with Smeam in Ahmadabad. In seven months, Smeam has managed to accomplish 30 pulse events. The registered number of artists is rapidly growing on the site with the help of arts related videos and posts.

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5 Indian Startups You Must Follow