5 Hot Startups Driven By The Simplicity Mantra

New Relic

How good would you feel if you are given all the details of your app on real time basis? Well, that’s true. New Relic is a smart solution for app developers as they get immediate results on how well their app is performing in different platforms be it iOS or Android. It also denotes the problem and lets the developer quickly react to situations to enhance his app performance.



When we talk about analytics the first thing that strikes our minds is Google Analytics, but what if there is something more user friendly and simple yet detail? SiSense is an amazing analytics engine that allows a ‘day-to-day user’ to perform his actions in a very simple manner. It has the capability to process terabytes of data from a laptop and make a creative and rich visualization without consuming much time.



While the current generation clearly understands the importance of networking; Pertino clearly understood the niche market opportunity and ran their business right into other businesses. The company has a software defined networking (SDN) technology that enables quick and genuine networking for its clients and customers.



Backup is not always easy and if it is apps that you are trying to give a backup then, it is a tedious task. Here is something simple – Spanning, it allows creating backup in a very simple manner, to be precise just in one click. The most interesting part of this software is that it all gets saved in its original format.  

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