5 Hot Startups Driven By The Simplicity Mantra

Bangalore: In the years passed, companies and corporates used to hire battalions of ‘armed’ developers and IT professionals to run, manage and execute heavy custom solutions. But today things have changed quite interestingly and the focus of every company is to breakdown complications in order to simplify the entire process. While startups are concentrating to help or compete with the big players, there are new startups that are totally dedicated to help other startups analyze, improvise and personalize their businesses with new and creative products and softwares. Here are 10 hot U.S. startups who are constantly working on delivering the most simplified product or software for complex corporate issues, as compiled by TechCrunch.


If you have not heard of this startup or if you haven’t worked with them then you have unnecessarily put in a lot of effort on simple tasks. GitHub gained quick traction as it simplified the way developers work. It makes it all real simple, as it allows developers to copy somebody’s code and fork it on an open source platform. Users are allowed to make quick changes with their unique features - forks, pull requests and merges.

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