5 Reasons to Stir Your Startup Boat to the Indian Seas

Bangalore: With a flourishing democracy and a tech savvy talent pool, India is becoming the latest global Hot-Spot for startups. The craving for labor at reasonable expense has pulled many enterprises to the Indian lands and they have pocketed huge profits.

What is it about the Indian market that it has become a magnet for giant companies as well as entry level startups? Entrepreneur.com proposes the reasons why any foreign startup would say yes to the Indian market.

Check out the 5 reasons why you should turn your startup boat to the Indian seas.

1. The Huge Talent Pool

Indian government and state organization have been steadfast about mushrooming millions of professional universities and educational institutes across the country, hence creating a huge pool of competent talent. Indian educational system which has been exemplary for many countries adds another feather to its cap with this tremendous facility.