5 On the Rise Startups that are Hard to Ignore

BENGALURU: Start-ups are the word that is buzzing across the economic landscape with dozens of financial markets betting big on the start-ups across India. Billions of dollars is being streamed to India and the startup’s founders are now likened to as Rockstars. India is at the cusp of next big revolution with its highly incentivised programme for creating start-ups. We take a close look at the next upcoming stat-ups that will seek to emulate its predecessors like Flipkart and Snapdeal among all.


The startup plans to produce smartphones by developing a proprietary software OS and the smartphone itself. "The idea of building an Android based operating system for a smartphone stemmed from the realization that in the current market, while hardware is getting better very fast, there is not enough differentiation on the software front. We want to be the ones bridging that gap," said SaiSrinivas, co-founder of CREO. The company also plans to license their OS to other OEMs in India and across the globe, since they plan to launch the product later this year. This Bangalore based consumer technology company has raised $ 3 million funding from Sequoia India, Beenext Ventures and India Quotient.

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