4 Basic Skills To Land A Job At A Startup
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4 Basic Skills To Land A Job At A Startup

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BANGALORE: The community of hiring managers in every industry is just the same. All the employers are looking for certain aspects in their prospective candidates and looking all around to find them. Individual might be great at something, but if you are fresh graduate or you are changing your industry there are certain skills which work for job seekers across the globe for every industry. Whatever said, the basic skills you require to get hired by a startup are not skills you are born with, but they are the skills you acquire by learning. If you eager to take a note, here is four skills that will help you land a job at a promising startup.
#1 Sales Experience: Most startups whether they’re consumer-facing or B-to-B player are now selling something and due to this there is  need of effective sales people to get the job done.  But the big concern here is that there is a serious lack of salespeople interested in entering the startup and that makes it uncertain. The major concern of sales people not making to startups is the attitude sales representatives show among the most highly-coveted hires of the startup firm. There just aren’t enough enthusiastic salesmen to go around, making this a qualified candidate’s market.
#2 Marketers: Nearly every startup is looking to hire marketing or social media marketing experts, but the most in-demand marketing hires are those individuals who can understand SEO strategies or even better know to read and manipulate code.
Elli Sharef, co-founder of HireArt said, “They’re looking for that marketing person who can also do a bit of hacking for the company. “She further added that, “Maybe it’s scraping websites for info to target a set of customers or the ability to do the development necessary for an initiative you’ve planned, you’re really putting yourself at an advantage.”
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