Tennis Legends Earn more than Dhoni & Kohli in IPTL

BENGALURU: A research service agency, Super Insight has presented a survey document of “Indian Sports Salaries Report 2016” which has brought out a surprising fact for the Indian cricket lovers. The report claims that tennis legends Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal’s individual earning during International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) is more than what India’s ODI and T20 captain M.S. Dhoni and Indian Test skipper Virat Kohli earns,  reports DNA.

The revamping insight has broken the perception that Indian cricketers are paid the most across the players representing in all domestic leagues as tennis legends Federer and Nadal were paid whooping amount of 26 Crore each to play in IPTL which was equivalent to the combined salaries of all the Hockey India League (HIL) players. Even the total earnings of sportspersons playing in other Indian leagues like PBL, PKL and PWL and HIL will not be able to match up with the IPTL gaining of Federer and Nadal. Cricketers playing in IPL got average pay of 2.5 Crore which was half compared to the IPTL's average pay out per player. Furthermore, the league which achieved the highest TRP is Pro Wrestling League (PWL) not the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Adding to that, Yogeshwar Dutt who won the bronze medal in London Olympics owns the highest advertisement value for a one minute spot during the leagues at 1.65 lakh. In these terms, he beats high profile cricketers like Yuvraj Singh, who gets 1.01 lakh for 60 sec ad in the IPL and after that Kohli, Dhoni and Suresh Raina holds third, fourth, and fifth spot in the list, respectively.

Even more astonishing info coming out from this survey is, from the total gross of 823 Crore for IPL, IPTL, PWL, PKL, Indian Super League (ISL) leagues; foreign counterparts gaining are 527 Crore in comparison to Indian players who just earn 296 Crore. The salaries of 336 foreign players are close to double of total earnings of the 521 Indian players.

India (44Percent) is ranked amongst the highest earning countries that are sending players for playing in the Indian leagues, followed by Australia (11 percent), South Africa (6 percent), and Switzerland (5 percent), respectively.

At last, the report unveiled another interesting fact that the sum of the players' salaries for all the eight leagues is 1,100 crore ($162 million) which is 75 percent of India's total sports budget!

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