Knowing the Unknown - Formula 1

Competition and sports are something always people enjoy and Formula 1 racing is one sport that often gets fail to notice. DRS, Slipstream, Pole Position, and Safety Car are the terms you often hear while watching a Formula 1(F1) race. If you are a F1 motorhead, then you don't need a special introduction about these. But if you're not, we'll give you an idea about how monstrous the formula car machine actually is and how unique these fast cars are from the other race cars you see around such as NASCARS, Rally cars and more.

Despite being the fastest of them all, Formula 1 cars are designed by highly talented engineers and technicians, who all are trying to outsmart other teams to fetch a small, minor change in the F1 machine that could signify a colossal difference in the race results. Read through and get to know some unknown, absolutely crazy facts about the F1 sport.