India to Feature in Esports Events in Olympics in Future

India to Feature in Esports Events in Olympics in Future
Industry experts say that the ecosystem of the Indian esports sector is standing at the cusp of an explosion on an international level. It aims at entering the Olympic Esports Games sometime soon.
In its ranks, eSports in India has gained at a rapid pace as a mainstream sport in the country, be it increased viewership, investment, or participation. This has drawn the attention of the central government also to come out and officially recognize it as a 'multi-sport' event.
Backed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and through state support, esports has found firm ground as a modern sport in India. "More than a decade back, gaming was nothing but a hobby of a few passionate gamers. Looking at the scenario today, we can indeed say India has come a long way", said Akshat Rathee, Co-Founder and MD of NODWIN Gaming. "In the near future, we see esports being given equal consideration with traditional sports, most especially with the International Olympic Committee when it announced plans to create Olympic Esports Games".
According to a recent FICCI-EY report, the number of participants for esports tournaments in India is likely to grow from 1.79 million in 2023 to 2.5 million across various titles. Another important factor contributing to growth has been that the number of hours of esports broadcasts is likely to grow to 8,000 hours from 6,500 in 2023 with an increasing average minute audience.
According to Roby John, CEO and Co-Founder of SuperGaming, a really strong impact has been caused by mobile gaming. "Rise in mobile gaming, riding on the back of a very high number of smartphone users in the country, has brought this concept of gaming closer to many more people who are now playing or have played at least one game thereby giving an impetus to the industry", said John in a conversation with mint.
While mobile gaming continued to rule through the wide usage of smartphones and low-cost data, interest in PC gaming has also started to emerge. According to Valve, one of the largest developers of video games, Asia including India saw the maximum rise in the number of Steam users, where the number of new users shot up by more than 150 per cent between 2019 and 2024.
According to Vishal Parekh, CyberPowerPC India's Chief Operating Officer, PC-based esports has been gaining tremendous significance. "PC-based esports titles finding a prime place in major sporting tournaments go on to prove that a gaming PC is significant when it comes to grassroots development and success in such events", Parekh said.
If India is eyeing further representation in Olympic Esports Games in the future, the booming esports ecosystem within the country reflects a more global trend toward the integration of gaming into mainstream sports a landmark for the industry.