World's Best Cricket Stadiums

Lord’s (England)

No wonder, Lord’s cricket ground is topping this list, as it is the oldest cricket stadiums of all time. Founded by Thomas Lord in 1814, this iconic stadium is one of the best places to watch cricket as the quality it brings makes you part of the cricketing history. With a seating capacity of 30,000, Lord’s isn’t the biggest ground in the world, but every fan and every player dreams to be there. The ground was built for the members of the Marylebone Cricket Club and it’s not on its original site now as there are three grounds with the same name, others namely Lord’s Old Ground and Lord’s Middle ground. Lord’s have hosted five World Cup Finals so far and is often called as the ‘Home of Cricket’. The stadium also gives a tour option, which shows the sport’s most celebrated moments including the Ashes urn won in 1884.