How the Rise of Mobile and Internet Users in India Affect its Gaming Industry

How the Rise of Mobile and Internet Users in India Affect its Gaming Industry


In 2019, 60 percent of the gaming global revenue came from its mobile sector. The mobile gaming market made a total of 49 Billion US dollars of revenue with around 16 million US dollars of profit.

India is now on the 6th spot on the top list of countries that play mobile games the most. This makes this country very marketable to the gaming industry.

What's really big in India is mobile gaming as it makes up around 80 to 90 percent of the gaming market in the country . The growth of PC and console gaming in the country is rather slow and most likely won't happen much in the next years. Smartphones and tablets are just really more available to the majority of the population. It also helps that smartphones are becoming more affordable. This just really makes more people get the chance to have their own mobile device.

In 2014, it was estimated that around 500 million people in India are already mobile users. This grew to over 800 million by the end of last year, 2019. This is still set to grow as smartphones become more accessible to the public.

Currently, it is estimated that India has around 300 million people who play games with their mobile devices. This includes games that are downloaded as apps, browser games, fantasy sports and real money games that can be played on online casinos and bookies.

Fantasy sports are somewhere in the middle of gambling and gaming. Betting is one of the favorite past-times of the Indian community. This is especially for cricket games as India is just really a cricket nation. With the IPL coming up, online betting on sites like will surely be on the rise again and people are more likely to now do it with their mobile devices.

With this, it's easy to conclude that even the iGaming or online gambling industry is also benefitting from the fact that India is quickly becoming a mobile nation. Real Money Gaming in India alone is expected to have a growth rate of 32 percent in the next five years.

In the early years of the gaming industry, the majority of gamers in the country are males. However, with the vast choices and variety of games that can now be downloaded on mobile phones, the number of female gamers is now equal to male gamers. Based on statistics, 60 percent of female gamers prefer puzzle games like Candy Crush and Homescapes, while male gamers are more into games that are under the action and adventure category. It was also found that almost 80 percent of female gamers are more likely to spend money on mobile games.

The Kantar IMRB report also showed the other activities that these gamers have with their mobile devices. For male gamers, they are into social media, online streaming, and gaming. Meanwhile, female gamers are more inclined to online shopping, listening to music, and also browsing through their social media timelines.

The same report also said that over 250 million gamers in the country would spend around 60 minutes a day to play their favorite mobile games.

This coincides with other studies that found how an average Indian would spend around 6.92 hours per week playing mobile games . This is pretty close to the global average of 7.11 hours per week. It is mainly the population with the age range of 26 to 45 that play games the most. Over one-third of the gaming population in the country is aged 35 years old and up.

Many are still expecting that more people in India will own smartphones as years go by. This just means that this country will be a bigger market for the mobile gaming industry.

As mobile games improve, more people are just really likely to want to play games with their mobile devices rather than buy gaming consoles that could be more expensive.

There are now many popular games in the mobile sector of the gaming industry. If you go to either Google PlayStore or the App Store, it may sometimes even feel overwhelming to choose which game you should give a try.

For the choice of puzzle games, Candy Crush is still at the top spot in India. Then card games like Teen Patti are also popular in the country. FPS or shooting games like PUBg and Call of Duty Mobile are also becoming more popular to many players, both male and female, in the country.