Biggest Sporting Events in Adaptive Sports

You know what’s the biggest driving factor with sports that makes people go crazy? It’s nothing but the fact that it’s not scripted, and it is not something which can bring success with just pure talent. It’s rather a mix of talent along with skill, dedication, hard work and determination and that is exactly the ultimate ingredients for success in sporting industry. Messi-Cristiano, Federer-Nadal, and Prost-Senna, these sporting rivalries make the beautiful game more beautiful. Sports demand that extra bit of intensity and passion for the athletes to push for the limit to bring that glory in their life. Sports have always been part of the humanity since the ancient times and despite the taste of success, sports can get that extra emotions of excitement, happiness and experience even when you lose. That’s what makes sports elite and stand above all.

In 2005, an American documentary film called ‘Murderball’ was released, portraying a story about ‘the athletes who are physically challenged but play wheelchair rugby’. The movie received incredible reception globally and was nominated for the Best Documentary Feature for Academy Awards in 2006. Today, sporting organizations include athletes with disabilities in global sporting events such as the Olympic Games and Commonwealth games. Listed down are the biggest sporting events for the differently abled people. 

Paralympic Games

Governed by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Paralympics is a multi-sport event that generally involves with a range of disabilities including impaired muscle power, limb deficiency, leg length difference, short stature and more. IPC is organizing Winter and Summer Paralympic Games and there are Special Olympics World Games for athletes with intellectual disabilities, and the Deaflympics for the deaf athletes.

Paralympics are organized in parallel with the Olympic Games. With twenty-two sports on the Summer Paralympics and five sports on Winter Paralympics, Paralympics has sought equal opportunities to compete at the Olympic Games. Till now, the most decorated Paralympians are Trischa Zorn of the United States with 55 medals in the blind swimming events and Raagnhild Myklebust of Norway who holds the record for most medals (22) won at the Winter Paralympic Games.