5 Sports Autobiographies That Inspire Us

Playing It My Way – Sachin Tendulkar

Regarded as one of the greatest batsman in the history of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography ‘Playing it My Way’ is one of the most inspiring autobiographies of all time. The book summarizes his 24 years of journey in the International cricketing world. Co-authored by Boria Majumdar, who is a Rhodes Scholar and a senior research fellow in the School of Sport and Wellbeing at the University of Central Lancashire, Playing it My Way was released in 2014.

The book is written in the chronological order starting from Sachin’s childhood and travels through his entire cricketing journey. The language used is direct and made simple, thinking about the common-cricket lovers in India and the world. His family’s support and strength during the cricketing journey is heavily mentioned throughout the book. However, he and Boria have avoided most of the controversies during the 1989 to 2013 to avoid any Indian cricketer in negative light. The book covers his journey series by series and match by match. Hodder & Stoughton is the publisher of the book and it has used various photos from the author’s personal collection.

Trivia: This book sold over 150289 copies, breaking all records of hardcopy fiction and non-fiction categories.