What Are Millennials Doing In Their Free Time?

Millennials (now aged roughly between 18 and 35) are displaying many different priorities when looking at preferred pastimes if we are to compare with other groups. There are many different studies that are created by various research companies for marketing campaigns that highlight what the millennials want and do not want.

Obviously, there are many different things that the millennials want to do in the spare time. However, some are much more common than others. This is what we will talk about in the following paragraphs.

What Millennial Men And Women Want To Do In Their Spare Time

The main activities that appear when looking at the men in the age group are watching TV, playing or listening to music, playing computer games, spending time with their friends and with their families. The women’s priorities are a little different. We have the following as the most common: spending time with families, watching TV, reading, spending time with friends and then playing or listening to music.

Keep in mind that these are just the most frequent of the leisure activities that can be mentioned. Various differences can appear on individual notes. What is really interesting is that watching TV is still now highly popular, although many believe that spending time online on social media sites would be more prevalent. Traditional TV is still the number one viewing source.

Online Activities Done In The Free Time

We cannot deny the amount of time that is spent online by millennials. It is definitely much more than in recent times, which is something that is to be expected. Although the favorite pastimes are still related to the real world, it does not mean that this always happens. In many cases people end up spending time online because of various reasons.

When referring to the online activities, social networking and online shopping stand out as the main priorities. However, creating a blog is easier than ever so we see a constant rise in maintaining a blog as a pastime activity. This also acts as an activity that relieves stress and increases networking efforts.

Other Facts Of Interest

The main findings were mentioned above but we also have the following facts that should be of interest for anyone talking about millennials”

• Around 25% of men love using the free time to exercise, go to the gym or simply engage in some favorite indoor sports. 17% of women have the same interest.

• Millennials tend to want to spend time with friends at home instead of going to a bar, a shopping center or a restaurant.

• 75% of Millennials do go out to see a movie once in a while. Men do it more often than women though so it is no surprise to see that most movies are intended for a male audience.

• Around 60% of the Millennials will go to a club but just 25% of those that do will enjoy this activity around one time per month.