Travel Trends to Look Out for in India 2020

Travel Trends to Look Out for in India 2020

Tourism and travel sector within the country will be witnessing significant changes in the new decade, and the need to travel and undying spirit grows extensively. Wanderlusts across the country will be travelling around different travel segments. With the outbreak of the digital era, the new age travellers are already up for the swift evolutions by following the trending places and more. Trends such as under tourism, travel insurance, photography, business-leisure trips, pilgrimage travel, nature and discovery trails, based on festivals are on the rise in the travel and tourism industry.

Travellers now opt for a holiday that is very less popular destination compared to the traditional places people go. People put popular places as the least preferred choice when they go out for a picnic or a holiday. The need for finding newer places is on the rise as the digital era began.

Travel insurance is one of the trending segments in the travel industry, and a door to door travel insurance that covers everything right from the start to the conclusion of your trip is what travellers are looking for now. This trend is expected to make a huge difference in 2020, as it covers trip cancellations, personal accidents, baggage loss, missed flight connections and more.

As social media is evolving at a rapid pace, travellers are keen to share the pictures asap into their social networking sites to show the world. The term holidaygraphy refers to the process of hiring a personal photographer and getting amazing candid photos with a professional touch with perfect lighting and blurs.

Clubbing business with travel is now one of the commonly seen amongst the professional segment. This will allow an employee to add more days to their business trip and hence making it a leisure trip as well. Such trips can help save money, as don’t need to spend more on another holiday.

Similarly, millennials are travelling around the globe as a part of events such as sports, music, fashion and more. Unlike the previous years, music tourism is booming, and the new age travellers are set to take over the travel landscape. In India, music festivals such as the Hornbill music festival at Kohima, the Ziro festival in Ziro Valley, NH7 Weekender at Pune and the Sunburn festivals attract a huge crowd. People travel from all over the country to enjoy.