Top 10 Sedans Below 10 Lakh

Bangalore: Car buyers in India are becoming more and more liberal, as they give priority to performance, safety, style, mileage and comfort for the cars they buy than anything else. And to support that, the top car manufacturers have been trying hard to bring some of the best mid ranged cars ever in the Indian automobile market.

With here is a list of 10 best sedans in Indian automobile market that falls under Rs 10 lakh.

#1 Hyundai Verna:

Korean car maker, Hyundai has been driving Indian car lovers crazy for years. It all started with Hyundai’s ever successful hatchback Santro and from that point onwards the numbers kept on growing and still is rising.


The Verna is all about its interior. The interior actually copes with its award winning fluidic design and the interior is mainly accustomed with plenty of gadgets to make the driving experience more comfortable.


The ARAI numbers speak of 15.5 kmpl for petrol variant and 20.3 kmpl for diesel variant. But these numbers doesn’t stop Hyundai Verna in providing exceptional on-road experience, as the petrol variant gives around 11-14 kmpl and the diesel variant produces mileage of around 15-19 kmpl.


Prices start at Rs 7,11,000 for 1.4L petrol model and goes up to Rs 9,10,000 for the top-end diesel version. The 1.6L petrol variant opens with a price tag of Rs 8,48,000 and ends up with high-end diesel at Rs 10.54 lakh. The 1.6L petrol AT and diesel AT are priced Rs 9,94,000 and Rs 11.26 lakh respectively.

Pros: Out of the league looks, engaging interiors, mileage, numerous choices.

Cons: Build quality, high speed handling, ride quality, soft suspension.

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